Take Me to Texas

Prayer is a powerful thing. It’s a privilege to take our needs and desires to the Lord. Sometimes the Lord answers our prayers differently than we had hoped. When that happens, we can rejoice! Why? Because His ways aren’t our ways & His thoughts aren’t our thoughts… they are higher! He is so trustworthy. Even in the no and even in the waiting. But then there are times when our prayers do get answered in the way we hoped. And when that happens, we can rejoice! And that is exactly what this blog is all about…rejoicing because of an answered prayer!

As you probably know by now, we are officially Texas residents again! We have been soaking up these past few weeks with family and Tex-Mex and all the sweet tea we can handle.

After Colten finished Tech school (in Wichita Falls!) and we got hitched, we moved to Arizona. Tucson has been home for the last 6 1/2 years. It is such a beautiful state and it gave me an even greater love and appreciation for the outdoors. I’m so thankful for our time there and the lifelong friends and lessons we gained along the way.

We began praying several years ago about the possibility of moving closer to home. We weren’t sure of the possibility due to the military but the thought of being closer for birthdays and parties and holidays sure sounded sweet. There were a few other reasons that were heavy on our hearts (like desiring a change in my rheumatologist for starters!) And so we began to pray. It wasn’t immediate. There were times we wondered if He had forgotten us (of course He hadn’t!). But sometimes the waiting game is really hard, especially when the desire is so great. Over time, our desire to move close to home became less than our desire to be exactly where He wanted us to be. As I’ve already said, He is so incredibly trustworthy. And if He wanted to keep us in Tucson, move us to Texas or even across the world, then no doubt it would have been the absolute best place for us. But we still prayed for Texas! 😉

And then it happened. Colten got orders!! We could hardly believe it. I think we called or text almost every person in our contact list. And now here we are living in Wichita Falls, Texas and we still find ourselves asking each other, “Is this real life?!” Wow. How cool is it that we are now living in an answered prayer!

As for the moving process? Well it was a little bit crazy. You can plan & prepare for these things all you want but that’s no guarantee for a smooth process! The packing wasn’t so bad. Probably because Colten has us declutter every other day. 🤣 We also have some pretty great friends who helped out and my parents came to help us drive back to Texas (they are THE best)! The crazy really started when we arrived in Wichita Falls.

We had picked an apartment several months back and paid a deposit to hold the floor plan we wanted. The apartment complex even FaceTimed to show me the exact space we would be getting. From the pictures and video call, the space looked great! We were genuinely excited and couldn’t wait to be there.

When we arrived and got to our apartment, it was pretty filthy. It was evident it hadn’t been cleaned in the two months that it was empty. A lot of what we saw in FaceTime and pictures just didn’t match up in real life. There were other issues as well but it’s not worth taking up space here. All you need to know is that it really was not acceptable. And I was a hot mess! 🤣 Thankfully, we were able to back out of our lease and we did just that the second it was on the table. Honestly, I was so thankful that I didn’t have to live there, it didn’t even bother me that it meant we had nowhere to go! We checked into the base lodging and Colten immediately began looking at other options.

We looked at some other apartments but the majority of them had no availability until June or July. Colten contacted a realtor we had been working with and she was doing everything on her end to find us something. And as a last ditch effort, Colten contacted base housing (which is actually off base here) and told them our situation. They said that because Colten’s leave date from his previous base beat another guys by one day, the house that was available was ours if we wanted it!

We arrived in Wichita Falls (at our less than stellar apartment) on Thursday. We were offered a base house on Friday. And we moved in on Monday. WHEW. God must be in the details, y’all. I am fully convinced He took care of us and provided for us. But then He always does! He’s a good and faithful Father, isn’t He?

And that is that. We spent a few weeks settling in and spending time with family before Colten went back to work. He recently started training for his new position – an instructor here at Sheppard Air Force Base! It has been fun to revisit this base. Last time we were here, Colten was a student himself at Tech school and we were just babies engaged to be married. It’s full circle for him to be back here as the teacher where he once was the student!

If you couldn’t tell, we are pretty excited to be back in Texas. We’ve spent some time lately thanking the Lord for things like answered prayers, the gift of being close to family, good BBQ, and green grass. And while we know this duty station won’t be ours forever, it’s ours for now. 🤍

If you’ve had a crazy moving experience yourself, please share below! If you’ve recently seen a prayer answered, I want to hear about it! If you’re currently praying for something specific, don’t you dare give up – but do give it to God!