What I Learned from Downsizing & Decluttering!

D41AF098-D224-48CE-93EA-E41BBD80143AIf you follow me on social media, then you know that 3 months ago my husband and I downsized. We moved from a 3 bedroom (2 1/2 bath) house to a one bedroom (one bath) apartment. AND WE LOVE IT!

The reasons for moving were simple. We wanted a smaller space to clean (ha!) and we just weren’t filling up the space we currently had. I tried to make our house cozy and I had great plans for each room, but the reality was that we just didn’t need the space and we didn’t need to spend all the money it would have cost to decorate each room. Plus, as a bonus, we could actually save some money each month if we downsized!

Needless to say, we found some apartments, toured them and immediately fell in love! We knew that we would need to declutter and get rid of some things in order for this to work. But once we started getting rid of things, we couldn’t stop! It felt so freeing to get rid of things we hadn’t used in a while. We had boxes in the laundry room that hadn’t been unpacked in a year. Clearly the things inside those boxes were very important. We got rid of so much, dare I say it, JUNK! I am not sure why we even had that much stuff to begin with anyways. We donated the things that we could and gave or threw away the rest.

This was such a great experience for us, I wanted to share some things we learned and confirmed through out this process.

  1. Less really is more. I knew this, but to put it into action and get rid of all the things that weren’t necessary or being used really helped us see how true this statement is. Having less allows us to focus on what is truly important, and that certainly isn’t material things!
  2. Everything has a purpose and place. Everything we own has a specific use and a specific place. We don’t have things lying around that aren’t being used and simply just taking up space (and when we do, we are quick to throw it out or put it to good use!).
  3. Less clutter brings more calm. We want our home to be a place where we can rest, relax, and unwind. That can be difficult when there is clutter everywhere. Our space should be for living not storing.
  4. It keeps me from spending because there simply isn’t space for more. I say me, because I am definitely the spender in our marriage! But this is so true. In our last house, I felt like I couldn’t buy enough decor to fill our space. Now we have just enough decor and to purchase more would cause our space to be cluttered.
  5. Cleaning is easier. Not only is cleaning much easier with a smaller space, but we also find ourselves keeping up with it more as well. This certainly doesn’t mean there is never a dirty dish in our sink our dirty laundry in the hamper, because let’s be real, life happens. But, it is much easier to manage and keep up with on a daily/weekly basis.
  6. We love our space. Our homes should be a place that we love. A place where we want to spend our time and a place that allows us to fully relax. It should be inviting and peaceful. We are so thankful for our small space, and we love spending time there and sharing it with family and friends!

I could probably list a lot of other reasons as to why this has been a good change for us. But those are the main things we have learned and realized through this process. We now have a cozy space that we love and less material things to worry about. We aren’t quite minimalist and I don’t think we will always live in such a small space. But, for the season we are in, it is perfect. We love our small and cozy home and wouldn’t want it any other way. Less truly is more and I am so thankful we decided to give it a try!

Have you ever decluttered or downsized? Please share your experience with me!


Aimee 💗