Defined by Him

I have had a ROUGH few days. My emotions have been a little high. (Okay, a lot high 😆!) And things were just discouraging me more than normal. Y’all, I cried because the tea I got from Starbucks had more than 3/4 ice and hardly any drink. Now to be fair, I had already had a rough morning and that was just the icing on the cake! But still, I’ll be the first to say it was just a bit ridiculous on my part.

Colten found out he will be moving units at work. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but this specific move will mean a lot more deployments. And that’s just not fun.

We had family in town for a few months, and they moved back home last week. It was definitely hard for us to say goodbye. Having family around was such a blessing!

I wanted to invite my neighbor, Maddie, to the Easter service. I normally see her at least 2x a day on her patio. I didn’t see her ONCE during the week. Not once.

Easter morning, I had THE MOST difficult time. I’m not even sure what really happened, but I struggled. And most of the day I was tired and sore and exhausted.

A girl I talked to yesterday spent her Easter afternoon at the hospital because her mom was admitted.

My point? Life gets hard and messy and confusing and discouraging sometimes. Even on Easter. But as we were driving Sunday, I told Colten this: It doesn’t matter what my feelings and circumstances are or what emotions I am dealing with…it doesn’t change the fact that Jesus is alive and alive IN ME!

My emotions and circumstances and feelings don’t define me. Jesus does!

That is something I am constantly learning. I am not defined by my looks, my job status, my health, or even what others think of me. I am defined by Jesus. And He says I am loved, redeemed, beautiful, and His!

I’m so thankful that in times of uncertainty, He remains the same. I’m so thankful that regardless of my circumstances, He remains faithful. I’m so thankful that regardless of this world and all it’s struggles, He is my LIVING hope and He gives me purpose.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We worshipped with our church family and heard a message on God’s unconditional grace. We spent time with friends who are more like family. We hung out with our youth group kiddos. And we went home exhausted and so grateful.

Though my weekend was far from perfect, I know the One who IS perfect. And that changes everything!

Ps. Will you pray for Maddie? I still plan on inviting her to church and continuing to build a relationship with her! She struggles with auto-immune like me, and I just want her to know the joy Jesus can bring, even when life is difficult!